Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations for Residential Accommodation

Whether you are studying in Galway Cultural Institute or in Galway Business School, each student must follow all the Rules and Regulations.

1. Respect

You are sharing a residence with other people and must show respect and consideration for your housemates / other residents at all times.

2. Check in and out

Students cannot check-in before 17.00 on arrival and are required to vacate their room at 10.00 am on the Saturday of departure.

3. Allocation of Rooms

Students are allocated specific rooms before arrival and are not allowed to move between rooms or residences without the explicit permission of GCI/GBS accommodation staff. Your allocated room is assigned a shelf in the fridge and a press in the kitchen. These must be cleared of your food and belongings on departure and regularly during your stay.

4. Bedlinen

Students are allocated one set of bed linen- 1 pillow slip, 1 sheet and 1 duvet cover. It is your responsibility to launder your bed linen during your stay. Linen must be left in the room in good condition on departure.

5. Keys

You are allocated a front door key and your room key.  These must be left in the room on departure. You are forbidden from giving your keys to other people.

6. Safety & Security

Please take sensible precautions with regard to security and your personal belongings. Bedroom doors and all exit doors and windows must be closed when you leave or when you are not in the residence. GCI/GBS are not responsible for student’s belongings.

7. Posters / Pictures

 Please do not attach posters and pictures to any walls.

8. Food

  You are not allowed to have food in your bedroom.  

9. Cleaning up after yourself

Please remember that you are sharing the residence and are required to keep your room and all common areas clean and tidy. All students must clean up after themselves. Please ensure that the bathroom is left clean and dry after every use.

10. Rubbish

must be recycled in accordance with Galway Corporation directives. Bottles cannot be recycled and must be brought to your nearest Bottle Bank; the Aquarium in Salthill;  Joyce’s Supermarket, Knocknacarra; the Dyke Rd; City Hall.

Please dispose of your litter in the refuse bins provided. There are three bins and all students must recycle their refuse. Bins are collected once per week depending on the area and it is your responsibility to make sure they are put in front of the house for collection. Bins are as follows:

Brown bin        food and garden waste

Green bin         clean dry recyclables

Grey                non-recyclable rubbish

Please move the bins back to their storage area after bin collection and do not leave them in front of the house/apartment.

11. Heating

The heating is on a timer in winter. Central heating is not required in summer. The maximum heating time allocated is 4 hours per day which is the norm. Heating is not on overnight. Portable heating appliances are strictly forbidden as they are a fire hazard.

12. Inspections

GCI/GBS inspects all residences weekly and checks on common areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, outside areas etc. GCI/GBS reserves the right to inspect individual bedrooms when you are not present.

13. Turn-over

Each Saturday, common areas and vacant rooms are cleaned and inspected by GCI/GBS from 9.00 to 17.00.  Please ensure that the residence is clean and in good condition.

14. Problems & Breakages

Please inform GCI Reception on any breakages or problems with the accommodation immediately, before 10.00 at the latest.  

15. Bicycles

Bicycles are stored outside and not in hallways or chained to stairwells, etc. Bicycles should not impede anyone’s exit from the building or be stored in an unsightly manner.

16. Guests

You are allowed to have guests (one to three) but please ensure that they do not interfere with your housemates / other residents.  You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests and you are liable for any disruption caused by them. All visitors are required to leave residences by 22.00. Guests are not allowed to stay overnight.

17. Parties

Parties are strictly forbidden. The school does not permit drinking, gatherings etc. in the estate grounds, balconies, terraces etc. of the complex or in the gardens

18. Neighbours & common outside areas

Respect for your neighbours is essential and complaints from neighbours are not tolerated.  There should not be loud music especially late at night. There is a no noise policy between 23.00 and 07.00.

19. Litter

Please do not litter the common grounds with rubbish, beer cans, glass bottles, etc. or damage or interfere with the grounds and landscaping.

20. Smoking & other substances

Smoking, illegal substances, chewing gum etc. are explicitly prohibited.

Failure to abide by the Rules and Regulations means you will lose part or all of your deposit and you may be asked to vacate the residence.

a) Swapping rooms without permission - €40.00 deduction.

b)   Missing or damaged bed linen or keys - €40.00 deduction

c) Failure to recycle rubbish or bring bottles to the bottle bank will result in a minimum deduction of €40.00 from each occupant. Galway Corporation refuses to collect un-recycled rubbish and alternative rubbish disposal is expensive.

d)   Evidence of parties or complaints from neighbours  - €40.00 from each resident in the house at the time

e)   Residents found tampering with the heating system or having additional unauthorised heating appliances will each be deducted €40.00 from their deposits.

f) Unacceptable breakages or damage, leaving the residence insecure; posters etc. – minimum deduction €40.00 from the individual student or each resident in the house as appropriate

g) Late check outs - minimum €30.00.

h)   Storing your bicycle inside the residence - €30.00

i)   Serious or persistent complaints from other residents – all of your deposit and / or you will be required to vacate the premises

j) Other infringements and behaviours that the school deems unacceptable and not limited to the above.