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25 Jul

Churches of Galway Walking Tour

Enjoy the sights on this GCI Walking Tour

25 Jul

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Churches of Galway Walking Tour

Churches of Galway Walking Tour

4:50p.m. - 6:00p.m. 25th July 2022

Here at Galway Cultural Institute, we offer a different walking tour each week of the month! These tours explore Galway's history; architecture; waterways and even famous visitors to Galway! This is an excellent way to learn more about your new home! Accompanied by a GCI English teacher, you will be able to ask any extra questions you want & find out more about things that interest you. All new arrivals are encouraged to take a GCI walking tour in their first week as it provides a comprehensive orientation of your new home - Galway!

Galway is the perfect place to learn English and experience the best that Ireland has to offer. Choose it as your base when looking to study abroad for work, travel or pleasure.

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