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You are most welcome to Galway Cultural Institute,one of Ireland's premier language schools,based in one of the most exciting andinteresting coastal cities in the world. This is a place you will call home, where you will make lifelong friends and achieve the results in English language fluency that you need for your future success.

So, whether you need English for study, work or simply for pleasure, we can offer a language course tailored to meet your specific needs. Our contemporary building is in a stunning location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Galway Bay.

Our top-class facilities include:

GCI is an Eco School

GCI is an Eco School

GCI Activities

We understand the importance of your social life when learning a language. If you are not happy, you won't learn. We update our activity programme every week in order to keep things fresh and exciting. Collect an activity calendar from the reception each week. Some of the activities are free while others have a fee or a cost attached to them, depending on the type of activity. Please head over to our page on our activity programme for more information.

GCI Classrooms

While you're here you will enjoy 30 bright, modern and spacious classrooms with ocean views. Our hallways are bright and airy, with space enough for you to congregate, relax, chat and make new friends. . At GCI, we are very supportive of our students who want to do extra study - some students may be exam-focused or some may be focused on their career goals. Whatever your motivation, empty classrooms are available for study if you want a peaceful and quiet place to do some work after your classes.

Each one of our classrooms is fully equipped with interactive whiteboard technology. This makes it easy to explain something quickly with an image or video from the internet.

GCI Library

We have a fully-stocked, modern library with plenty of books, study materials, magazines, DVDs, etc. We have a wide range of graded readers - books that are specially-designed for language learners. You can even use your student card to borrow books to read at home! On each floor, we also have an honesty bookshelf, where our students can take and leave books as they please.

There is always an English language teacher in the library, this teacher is very happy to help you with your homework or any general queries you may have on the language.

GCI Cafe

On the ground floor of the school there is a café - Chef Laura Rosso. The café is great for delicious lunches, freshly-ground coffee, specialty teas, pastries and desserts. Everything in the Ozone Café is produced in their own kitchen with locally-sourced produce where possible, from their freshly-baked breads each morning to Anton's own home-made salad dressings.

GCI Student Spaces

We have a large hall, called the Halla Mor, where students can meet at lunch time to eat, chat and spend time with new friends! We also have a decking area with outdoor seating, a garden and paved areas around the school.


If you cycle to school everyday, we have plenty of spaces to park your bicycle. If you are interested in renting a bicycle during your stay in Galway, we can assist you with information at reception.

Wi-Fi and computer

As an eco-friendly school, we don't encourage printing but if you need this service we'll be happy to help. If you need to print something, simply talk to someone in reception and they will offer assistance.

GCI Computers

If you need to make use out of a computer for any reason, please let us know and we'll be happy to give you access to one. We have a dedicate space in the library for computer usage and a more casual computer room for everyday use. 


Our school is located just 50 meters from the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Students often make the most of the location to sit out on the beach to eat lunch, to chat or swim in the summer months. It takes a true Galway local to swim in the winter months but maybe you are brave enough!

Claddagh Galway

Claddagh Galway

Study in the heart of Galway, Ireland

Galway is one of Ireland's greatest treasures. Situated on the Atlantic west coast, this vibrant city – like its people – is warm, friendly and welcoming.

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