Learn General English in Galway, Ireland

What is General English?

General English Courses are our most popular programmes for learners who want to improve their practical English for everyday communication.

General English courses will suit you, whatever your personal learning goals are. Whether you want English for study, work or pleasure, this course will help you. Learning General English in Ireland will mean you have time to enjoy the social and cultural activities here at the Galway Cultural Institute (GCI) and to explore our lovely city of Galway. 

What General English courses are available?

Whether you want general English courses in Ireland for a short period of time or for a year stay, whether you want to study in the afternoon, the morning, or for full days, we have what you need. The choice is yours - we want to help you get the English skills you need in the best way for you.

Here are the different options from our range of English courses that you can choose from, either morning or afternoon alone.

General English

General English Afternoon

English for 30+

Study English Abroad

Popular Courses

Popular Courses

General English

General English

The General English Courses are our most popular English language courses. You can choose between 20 or 30 lessons per week.

From €255

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General English Afternoon

General English Afternoon

The afternoon timetable gives you more freedom in the mornings and you get to study general English from 13.30 with the same teachers and using same facilities as during morning classes.

From €200

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Study English Abroad

Study English Abroad

The SAY programme is specifically designed for non-EEA students. These are long stay General English courses which run for a total of 33 weeks with 20 lessons per week, and the option of studying in the morning of afternoon.

From €2975

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You have two General English courses to choose from: 20 or 30 lessons per week. Our shortest course is 2 weeks and there is no maximum number of weeks as you will progress through the levels the longer you study!

Our General English Afternoon courses are the ideal way to maximise all of your time in Galway and improve your English fluency quickly. These classes start in the afternoon giving you extra time to enjoy your mornings in Galway - to explore the city, meet up with friends or have a relaxing time visiting some of the sights in the surrounding region.

The Study Abroad Year is specifically designed for non-EEA students.  These are long stay General English programmes and the course seeks to develop your skills and fluency in English while enjoying a unique experience of living and studying in Galway. 

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Why should I take General English course?

Your General English course offers you the ultimate in flexibility because you can start your learning journey in Galway on any Monday of the year. During your course you will:

What level of English is required to take a General English course?

If you want to learn General English we offer all levels from Beginner A1 to Advanced C2 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) scale of assessment. Both General English course options (20 and 30 lessons) are available and you can start any Monday.

What can I expect during a General English lesson at the Galway Cultural Institute? 

Our General English courses are designed to develop all areas of your English language skills. GCI’s comprehensive General English programmes can help you achieve real fluency and prepare you for further study or a successful career.

Our lessons are geared towards improving your abilities in the following areas:

Our 30-lesson General English course (G30) is the best option for those who want to make maximum progress. It offers a powerful combination or morning and afternoon lessons – 20 morning lessons with 10 afternoon lessons. If you choose this programme, you’ll experience afternoon classes focusing on key themes or situations so you can gain confidence and immediately put learning into practice in your daily life in Galway.

The afternoon classes centre on student interaction and are a combination of individual, pair and group work. There’s also an emphasis on debates, presentations, listening exercises, teacher-led discussions, written tasks and reading.

With both the 20 and 30 lesson General English course options you will:

What extra support will I receive? 

Here at GCI, we have 30 years’ experience helping students to achieve high levels of English. Some students will achieve this through General English pathway while others may decide to select an examination course. Want to know more about English courses and exams?

Our spacious, bright and modern building has the very best study facilities, with our extensive library and study spaces. You will be able to access extra study resources and get study advice from a teacher who works in the library every afternoon.

We can help you in other ways, too, with lots of online advice about spoken English mistakeshabits to help you learn faster, and English idioms every English student should know.

What exactly will I study on a General English course in Ireland? 

Here at GCI, we use only the most modern and up-to-date materials and our course book choice reflects this. Your course is structured around an excellent 12-week syllabus, linked to the Common European Framework (CEFR) 'Can Do Statements'.

Of course, our experienced teachers make changes depending on what their students need, and they will introduce you to additional materials as appropriate. Scroll down here for a sample timetable.

In GCI, we have a test every Friday morning to monitor your progress to see if your level has changed or your English lessons in Ireland need more focus on certain language areas. You also have regular feedback sessions with your teacher to discuss and analyse your progress.

Homework is part of your learning and your teachers will give this every day. You can also use our library resources if you wish to do extra study or to read - there is a teacher in the library in the afternoons who can help you find what you need or explain any difficult vocabulary or grammar for you.

When you arrive, you will be given your own course book, which you will use every day in your English lessons and for some of your home study tasks.

You will have two different teachers who will help you to develop your English skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening, in addition to your language skills: grammar, vocabulary and communication. You will have lots of opportunities for practice in your groups and will meet new people from all over the world!

Summer In Galway

Why should I choose English courses in Ireland? Why should I come to Galway to learn English in Ireland?

English courses in Ireland can help you achieve real fluency while experiencing life in Galway city. You’ll love it here – Galway is the most vibrant and lively city in Ireland with endless things to do – this is why Galway was the European Capital of Culture 2020. It’s a fantastic, friendly city with so much to do – look at our Galway Guides to see for yourself!

Here at the Galway Cultural Institute (GCI) our English language courses are for international students, and we have over 30 years of experience in making sure you have a great time and learn well.

You will be in multinational classes with other motivated learners from all over the world who are at the same level as you. These diverse classes are the perfect environment to boost your English level and prepare you for real-world English communication. General English lessons cover a wide range of topics with contemporary and global content.

Imagine being able to communicate freely and confidently in English!  We can help you - and we can’t wait to meet you!