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Why study English in Galway, Ireland

Hi I’m Kristell Hernandez I’m a 27 year old Mexican. This blog post will let you know why I have found Galway to be such a great place to learn English.

Posted by Kristell Hernandez
02 April 2023

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How To Be A Good English Teacher? 10 Must-Have Skills

Nobody forgets a great teacher. So whether you want to be a general English teacher, teach other subjects in English to university level or be creative with younger learners, make sure you’ve got all the skills you need.

Posted by Expert Teacher
30 March 2023

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Finding A Job in Galway |GCI

Supporting our students to find a job in Galway is one of the key things our dedicated staff at Galway Cultural Institute do. We recognise the importance of finding a part-time job for our students.

Posted by Siobhan
20 October 2022

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Can I Study and Work in Ireland?

Moving to Ireland to study English can seem like a daunting task at first glance, but, with the right planning and the right choice of location, it can be made a lot easier!

Posted by GCI Teacher
30 August 2022

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