Summer English Courses

What are Summer English Courses? 

Imagine spending a summer in Galway not only exploring the rich Irish cultural heritage and the famous visitors’ sites, but also having the opportunity to take up some summer English courses in one of the most beautiful cities in Ireland.

Delivered in our Galway school on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, our summer English courses are practical courses designed to give you the knowledge, skills and fluency you need in today's world. You will have the best summer of your life by choosing to study a summer English course in Galway. 

Our summer English courses are designed for people who want to improve fluency and accuracy in English during the summer months. People who do these courses are learning for work, others for study or simply for personal interest. 

During the summer, you can choose to study in the mornings for some of the courses or only during the afternoons for other courses. Here are your course options for the summer during the mornings:

General English 20 lessons

General English 26 lessons

General English 30 lessons

Exam Preparation (Cambridge, IELTS)

The General English Summer afternoon courses are no different to the General English courses that run all year around except for the time of the year they run.  We use dynamic teaching techniques and the latest technology to deliver motivating lessons which will meet your individual needs and goals.

General English Summer Afternoon

General English Summer Afternoon

The Summer English courses are available during the summer months only and the lessons take place during the afternoon only.

From €190

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Exam Preparation Summer Afternoon

Exam Preparation Summer Afternoon

GCI offers both Cambridge and IELTS exam preparation courses during the summer with 20 lessons in the afternoon.

From €1800

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Professional Certificates

Professional Certificates

Our summer three weeks Certificate Programmes are the ideal option for applicants who need skills in a specialist area.

From €275

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Students may start their General English Summer Afternoon classes on any Monday during the summer months. The summer English courses are available to students from the last week in June until the first week of September, so regardless of the time you choose to come you will be able to take up some English lessons at the best language school in Galway.

We offer three different options for Summer Afternoon English courses:

Summer General English 20 lessons

Summer General English 26 lessons

Summer General English 30 lessons

The exam preparation summer  courses are designed to maximize the students change of success in international examinations and are delivered in the afternoons. Galway Cultural Institute offer both Cambridge and IELTS exam preparation courses and it is a authorized testing centre for Cambridge exams. Here is a list of exam preparation courses you can book during the summer:

IELTS 9 week exam preparation course

Cambridge First FCE exam preparation course

Cambridge Advanced CAE exam preparation course

Professional Certificates are are dynamic and practical courses with an emphasis on developing real skills that can be applied immediately to any workplace. You choose one of the following options:

Leadership & Management

Marketing & Social Media

Business & Entrepreneurship

Why should I take a summer English course?

The summer English courses are designed for students who want to improve their overall level of English to communicate more fluently in work, study, travel and everyday life. Our summer English courses take place during the afternoons and allow students to enjoy their summer holidays properly.

Students are free in the mornings to use the self-access facilities, to plan their stay in Galway Cultural Institute and join our exciting social programme, or to explore the rich history and culture of Galway city, known as the Cultural Capital of Ireland.

Other benefits of choosing a summer afternoon English course include:

  • Studying in the afternoon does not interfere with your sleep routine as you can enjoy the late mornings
  • Reduced fees on tuition compared to morning classes
  • Completing homework and staying on top of your study programme
  • Great nationality mix
  • You also get to enjoy the long evenings here in Ireland by taking a stroll down the Salthill promenade or around the old city walls

Students looking to improve their English core skills and enjoy a summer holidays in Ireland can choose between three different lessons options of summer English language courses. Whether you just want to improve your English or use English for working abroad or further study, our summer English courses are right choice for you especially if you plan to combine useful with pleasure.

Summer English Courses in Galway, Ireland

What are the benefits of taking a summer English course?

Learning English is not just an academic skill, it has become a life skill.

Take your time this summer to improve your English in Ireland and you will not regret it. Our summer English courses are designed for people who want to get better at speaking English while spending their summer in Galway, meeting new people and exploring the magic of Emerald Isle.

Whether preparing for an exam, a university course, or simply to improve your English, taking an English course is the right choice for you and at Galway Cultural Institute we have a multitude of options for you. You can explore our English courses here.

How taking a General English Summer course in Ireland can change your life:

Professionally: university graduates find it more and more difficult to find a job after completing their studies. For this reason and others, speaking and communicating in English has become a highly sought-after skill for young professionals.

Personally: knowing English is a life-skill and language learning is often a social activity. During your summer in Galway, get to meet new people form all over the world, make long-lasting friendships and explore new cultures. A summer English course in Galway will set the ideal environment for interpersonal growth and maturity.

Culturally: summer in Ireland will give students a full array of cultural experiences that will allow students to emerge in the richness of Irish life and culture. Have a look at our guide and explore the diverse range of cultural expressions Irish culture has to offer. 

Why should I study English in Ireland during the summer?

Galway Cultural Institute offers students an opportunity to learn English, while enjoying an exciting mix of social activities in one of the most scenic parts of Ireland, the famous Wild Atlantic Way.

With mountains close by, glorious countryside just around the corner and situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Galway city is worth discovering and exploring. Against a beautiful landscape, visitors to Galway will uncover a great holiday experience exhilarating outdoor adventure, traditional rural life, vibrant shopping and a rich cultural heritage.

Our Summer afternoon General English courses are a more affordable option for students that are on a budget. With three different lessons options, the courses prepare students for academic and professional success as well as everyday situations.

Our activity programmes are fun and safe, while our classes focus on encouraging students to use their spoken English through activities and project-based learning. All classes are communicative in nature, challenging students to solve problems and achieve goals through spoken and written communication with their peers and teachers.