Academic English Courses in Ireland

Study English for Academic Purposes in Ireland

What is Academic English?

Academic English, or EAP (English for Academic Purposes), is what we call courses and materials which help prepare English learners for higher education. That could be a university degree or a higher-level diploma.

Like a General English course, an English for Academic Purposes course is intended to help you improve your grammar and vocabulary so that you can get as close to English proficiency as possible.

But unlike in General English where the focus is on high-frequency vocabulary that helps you in day-to-day situations, the vocabulary that you study might be more focused towards an academic context. Similarly, Academic English courses still teach all the skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing), but using authentic materials taken from academic journals, lectures and other texts.

Here are the courses we offer to students preparing for higher-level education:

Pathway Programmes

If you are planning to study a degree programme in Ireland, Galway Cultural Institute is delivering in partnership with Galway Business School a range of Pathway programmes designed to give you the best preparation for undertaking your degree studies at Galway Business School or other similar colleges or universities across Ireland. 

We offer the following full-time pathway programmes: 

University Foundation

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IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS examination courses focuses on developing key techniques and strategies for the IELTS examination. Our academic team are available to assist with the application process for the IELTS examination.

From €1,720

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Cambridge Exam Preparation

Cambridge Exam Preparation

For Cambridge English exam success, choose one of our tried and tested preparation courses - designed and run by specialists so you can get the qualifications you need.

From €1,360

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English for University

English for University

The course introduces learners to academic English and develops the necessary skills required at university level.

From €295

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The skills you’ll focus on are targeted to help you succeed in your higher-level studies. For example, in an Academic English writing class your teacher would teach you how to write an effective academic essay, paper or presentation rather than a friendly letter or restaurant review. Your speaking lessons might focus on collaborating in group projects and participating in academic discussions.

These courses are intended to challenge students and prepare them for their next big adventure in a university, college or other institution of higher learning.

Who should take English for Academic Purposes courses?

If you’re studying English because you plan to go on to higher education in an English-speaking university, you almost certainly need to take a course in English for Academic purposes. You have already learned how to write academic papers, read and listen critically, and give presentations in your own language, but you need practise and guidance to do them well in English.

You may also want to consider an EAP course if you’re already a professional who has to engage with academic texts. Having access to English language publications can make you better-informed and a leader in your field. Publishing your next paper in English as well as your native language will help you reach more people. Learning how to give presentations and participate in discussions in English can help you at your next conference.

Additionally, a course in Academic English could be a great option for students who have been studying General English for a long time and want to improve their skills. Learning how to write to an academic standard and read challenging texts is a useful skill and can help you broaden your mind, engage in important global discussions, and continue learning throughout your life.

What is the importance of English for Academic Purposes courses?

There are many ways in which an EAP course can help you:

Why choose to study Academic English in Galway with GCI?

Galway is a truly vibrant, international city playing host to visitors from all over the world year-round. It’s the gateway to the beautiful west of Ireland, which means that it’s the perfect place from which to explore Ireland’s culture and heritage, the mountains of Connemara, and the stunning Atlantic coast. The city’s schedule is packed with exciting events and festivals in every season so that no matter when you come, there will be lots to see and do.

Even more importantly, it is a thriving, friendly student city with a student population of more than 22,000. While you’re studying Academic English in Galway you have the opportunity to make contact with other students from Ireland and every corner of the world.

Galway Cultural Institute has a highly trained, motivated staff to help you upgrade your language and take your next step towards higher education. You will have every resource available to you: modern, tech-integrated classrooms, a student library to study in, and access to computers and wifi. Apart from being a world-class, accredited language school, GCI is also partnered with Galway Business School and we therefore have experience with higher-level qualifications.

Grow as a learner!

Academic English can sound scary or exclusive, but these days more and more people are getting higher level degrees and diplomas and the world of academia is becoming more accessible and relevant than ever.

An English for Academic Purposes Course - (or English as academic purpose which people sometimes type into Google!) can be fun as well as challenging.  It can broaden your mind and help you have deep discussions with your peers. It can teach you something interesting every day. And most importantly, it can make you a better and more confident communicator. 

Study in the heart of Galway, Ireland

Study English in Ireland. Choose to study English at Galway Cultural Institute with students from all over the world.

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