English Language Courses for Adults

What is English for Adults?

English for adults courses can take the shape of many types of course. They are typically General English courses that suit you whatever your personal learning goals are. If you want your English for study, work or pleasure, these courses will help you.

We provide the following options for English for Adults language courses:

50+ programme 

Combination Courses

One to One

General English 

How do I learn English as an adult?

The best way to practice and learn English is to surround yourself with people that speak the language. Choosing to travel abroad for a language study experience it's a great way to start learning the language as you get to practice speaking and listening skills. As an adult, you posses already a strong vocabulary and wider understanding of concepts which allows you to comprehend easily the different grammatical and lexical combinations.

As an adult you are also more mature, aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and what works for you when you are studying.

If anything, as we get older, we tend not to learn as many new things, and we often feel like we’ve mastered enough to cope with life. Learning a language is a great way of keeping those neural pathways forming - it might hurt a bit at first, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly you get into the swing of things.

      Can an adult learn a language such as English?

      You are never too old to learn a new skill, including the ability to speak English fluently. There used to be a school of thought that the older you got, the less likely it was that you could master a new language – but more recent research has shown that is not the case.

      A 2012 study by Georgetown University Medical Centre in the US discovered that an adult can learn to use his or her brain in the same way as a native speaker, and that how you are taught can determine if you achieve ‘native language brain-processing’. The study showed that immersion learning may be one of the most effective ways of reaching your fluency goal.

      What are the benefits of learning English as an adult?

      An English learning language programme can be a challenging experience but also an extremely satisfying one. You will live amongst native English speakers, learn alongside like-minded students, make new friends and generally submerge yourself in the local customs and way of life.

      The main benefits of studying an English language course are:

      • Personal growth – travel broadens the mind, and travelling – and learning – alone in a foreign country means you will develop the skills to look out for yourself
      • Making lots of new friends – not only will you meet lots of new local people, but will be on a course with like-minded individuals who, through your shared learning experience, will go on to become close friends for many years to come
      • Faster learning - it is a proven method of quickly learning English and developing your fluency.

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      Since 1989, Galway Cultural Institute has provided English language programmes to students from all over the world - in fact, we have welcomed people from more than 30 countries.

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