Study English Abroad

What is Study Abroad Year?

Prepare to be amazed as you learn English in Ireland, the emerald island. Thanks to iconic scenery and world famous Irish symbols (Guinness, St Patrick's Day, U2),  there’s no other country that feels more familiar even if you've never been here before!

The Study Abroad Year course will give you opportunity to explore all Ireland has to offer over the long stay English language course.

Study Abroad English programme is the ideal way to immerse yourself in another language.

Galway Cultural Institute’s Academic Year Programmes are General English courses which run for a total of 33 weeks with the option of taking 20, 26 or 30 lessons per week.  The Study Abroad programme is comprised of 25 weeks of English classes and 8 weeks of holidays.



Study Abroad Year

The Study Abroad Year Programme is specifically designed for students from outside the EEA who wish to develop English language while living and working like a local. SAY programmes consist of 25 weeks tuition and 8 weeks holidays so if you have always dreamed of visiting Europe - book today!

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The SAY programme is specifically designed for non-EEA students.  These are long stay General English programmes and the course seeks to develop your skills and fluency in English while enjoying a unique experience of living and studying in Galway.

On this programme students who require a visa have the option of working, which reinforces the language encountered in class. 

Why should I study English abroad?

A foreign language that cannot be ignored, English is the first international working language.  Studying English abroad is not only a great way to see the world but a great chance to enhance your employment prospects in your home country.

Choosing to study English in Ireland may bring many benefits to you as an individual both academically and professionally.

When you study English abroad, you are able to: 

  • Improve and perfect your English language skills
  • Return home with language credentials (link to Exam Preparation page)
  • Learn to appreciate other cultures and foster intercultural understanding  
  • Advance academically
  • Make friends form around the world
  • Embracing a new culture and a new way of life 

Independent research measuring the impact of studying abroad (read more)  shows students who study abroad are more likely to excel academically, broaden their world views, and prepare for an impactful career.

Studying abroad is a unique and transformational learning experience. Students who have studied abroad are better able to work with people from other countries, understand the complexity of global issues, and have greater intercultural learning.

How will studying English abroad help me?

Learning a language comes naturally when you study abroad. Not only will you become fluent faster, you will also have memories to last a lifetime!

If you are reading this, you are probably the type of person who wants to travel the world and have new adventures. Study English abroad is often a game changer for many individuals and quite often you will hear students say it’s the best decision of their life.

Studying abroad is one of the most powerful ways of advancing academically and develops your personality further.

Our student testimonials stand as evidence to the above. 

Study Abroad English Programme Options

The Study Abroad English Programme is available in three different options:

SAY 20 lessons

SAY 26 lessons

SAY 30 lessons

The Academic Year Programmes follow the same structured approach and methodology as our General English Programmes. Dependant on duration of stay and ability, students should progress through several Common European Framework Levels and leave GCI with an obviously more proficient ability in English.

These courses are designed for students who want to reap the benefits of spending a longer period in a total immersion environment. This extra time provides GCI students with the opportunity to follow a range of courses including Examination Preparation (link) and Business English (link) all of which combine to improve fluency, accuracy and confidence.

An international education enhances your academic performance by supplementing coursework and textbooks with hands-on experiences.

The immigration permission to attend a 25-week English-language course is for 8 months.

You can read more information about visa and other similar topics in our Student Guide

Why should I study English in Ireland?

Can you imagine going to school during the week and exploring a whole new country on the weekend? That could be your next lifetime experience should you choose to study English abroad in Ireland.

Ireland has quickly gained popularity as a great study abroad destination. This tiny Island of ours is renowned for the friendliness of locals and for the amazing beautiful backdrop waiting to be explored.

Home to a wonderful literary history (think Bram Stoker and James Joyce for starters) and a traditional music scene that is second to none, those interested in the arts will never be at a loss for things to do during their study abroad experience.

Galway is the cultural capital of Ireland and the ideal destination for students looking for a fun, small and safe city. A lively, student-oriented town on Ireland’s west coast, Galway's magical combination of ancient history and contemporary culture makes it a great location for international students.

You can learn more by exploring our Galway Guide, but here are some highlights for you to consider during your English study abroad experience in Ireland. 

  • Enjoy summer festivals, especially the Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland’s most prestigious film festival, and the Galway Arts Festival, one of the most vibrant celebrations of music, theatre and performance in Europe
  • Join in the social activity programme with weekend trips that include the ancient Aran Islands and the rugged mountain landscapes of Connemara
  • Explore Galway on foot, the cultural capitals of Europe in 2020, and take the Ed Sheeran walking tour organised by GCI staff