Cambridge Exam Preparation | 4 Weeks - CAE EP36

The programme

Improve your English skills in Salthill, Galway and gain the internationally recognised Cambridge Advanced Certificate with this intensive 4 week course.

  • Minimum Course Length

    4 weeks

  • Lessons a Week

    36 lessons per week (27 hours)
    45 minutes per lesson

  • Minimum English Level

    Advanced - C1

  • Cost


  • Start Dates


  • Maximum Class Size


  • Minimum Age

    17 in low season
    16 in high season

  • Lesson times

    Mon - Thurs 8.30 - 16.45
    Fri 8.30 - 12.00

Who is the course for?

Cambridge English Certificates are one of  the world's most useful and well-known range of English qualifications.

This 4-week exam course is the choice for you if you want to prepare for the Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) exam, and you have a very limited time in which to achieve your goal.  The timetable for this course, as can be seen below, ensures that you take full advantage of your time in Galway and in Galway Cultural Institute.

The reasons that students undertake the Cambridge English Advanced certificate can vary widely. This GCI Advanced CAE (EP36) course is intensive by nature with 36 lessons / 27 hours per week taking place in June, July and August.  Some students are seeking new academic opportunities and require this for university entry, some wish to enhance their job opportunities, while others are simply seeking something that will take their English to the next level. Regardless of your motivation, this course in GCI is an excellent way to boost your fluency in a short period of time.

The Cambridge Advanced exam takes place at the end of the 4-week preparation course. You can take the exam here with us because Galway Cultural Institute is also an authorised Cambridge English Test Centre, which is a huge advantage for you.  Remember, not all schools offer this.

Course objectives

The goal of this course is to familiarise you with all areas of the Cambridge Advanced exam including: language use, skills work, exam layout and the very best test taking strategies.

The CAE exam preparation course is the next  step in your language learning journey between Cambridge First FCE and Cambridge Proficiency CPE. Pursuing this course and successfully passing the Cambridge Advanced exam, it shows that you can:

  • Communicate with a high degree of fluency.
  • Enrol in an academic course at university level.
  • Communicate competently in the workplace.
  • Capably participate  in meetings, conferences or in university and school settings.

Course content

This course has been designed to boost students' English knowledge and English use; and refine your skills in advance of the exam. Our teachers have many years of experience with Cambridge Advanced exams and we use only the very finest exam preparation materials. On this short 4 week course, you are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of home study tasks and self-study options. When you begin your CAE course, you will be provided with:

  • an Advanced exam course book - used for all lessons and home study tasks.
  • an Advanced language practice book - used to support your lessons and for self-study.

In every lesson, you will be working on improving your existing English language skills, and using tasks which are designed to replicate the exam format. Your lessons will focus on all aspects of the Cambridge Advanced exam - Reading and Use of English, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Your course materials will introduce a range of new vocabulary on a wide variety of topic areas. You will receive support and regular feedback from your teachers. Throughout this 4-week course, you will complete sample exam papers from Cambridge and you will sit a mock exam under Cambridge Advanced exam conditions in exactly the same hall as you will do the real exam.

Our lasting commitment to first-class methods with expert teachers and appropriate materials,  means that our students take the exam feeling more confident and ready to succeed.  This is demonstrated in your exam results!

Sample timetable


Exam Focus:
Reading Part 5
Multiple Choice
Developing Exam Skills:
Collaborative discussions: agreeing & disagreeing
Exam Focus:
Open Close & Word Formation.
Developing Writing Skills:
Essays & Formal register
Weekly Review:

Exam Focus:
Speaking Exam Practice

Developing Exam Skills:
Speaking Part 1 & 2
Exam Focus:
Listening Part 1 & 2
Developing Exam Skills:
Collaborative Speaking Tasks Parts 3 & 4
Language Focus: 
Grammar: participle clauses
Language Focus:
Phrasal verbs

Language Focus: 
Passive Forms & Linking adverbials
Language Focus: Past participles & Dependent PrepositionsLanguage Focus: Verb/Noun collocationsExam Focus: Listening Part 3 & Speaking


Language Focus: Vocabulary & Speaking: Prefixes & False OppositesDeveloping Exam Skills: Speaking Part 2: Speculating & Giving OpinionsLanguage Focus: Grammar: conditional formsDeveloping Exam Skills: Collaborative Speaking: Reaching a decision

Course Start Dates

Course Start DateExam Date
01 July 201925 July 2019 (Thursday)
29 July 201922 August 2019 (Thursday)