General English for Professionals Mini Group

The Programme

Perfect for the busy professional this General English for Professionals Mini Group course provides the ideal option for professionals who want English language practice in small groups. Designed for executives who wish to share a learning experience with their peers, the course consists of morning lessons that offer General English lessons in mini groups of maximum 6 students.

  • Minimum Course Length

    2 weeks

  • Minimum English Level

    Intermediate B1

  • Start Dates

    Any Monday
    (On Bank Holidays, courses start on a Tuesday)

  • Minimum Age

    25 all year around

  • Lessons a Week

    20 lessons per week (15 hours)
    45 minutes per lesson

  • Cost

    €420 per week

  • Maximum Class Size

    6 all year round

  • Lesson times

    Mon - Fri 9.00 - 12.30
    (in summer, classes begin at 8.30)

Who is this course for?

The General and Business English Mini Group course has been developed especially for students who have a limited amount of time for study and who want to focus on improving their fluency and confidence using English. The programme is aimed at mature individuals and professionals with a B1 minimum level of English and who already make use of English in their workplace or come from a business arena. 
As this programme starts every Monday and can be booked for a minimum of 2 weeks it is ideal for anyone who has a limited amount of time for study and who wants to focus on improving their fluency and confidence using English while enjoying the attractions of the west of Ireland.

You will also have plenty of time to explore Galway city and take part in our social programme where you will have the opportunity to practice your English a variety of situations.

Course Objectives

  • To provide students with a stimulating environment for English language learning 
  • Focus on vocabulary building and effective reading skills in English
  • To build confidence in speaking fluently in English outside the classroom
  • To improve networking skills
  • To communicate your message effectively in any setting

Course Content

The main objective of the General and Business English Mini Group is to help students understand and practice the fundamentals of effective communication through English.

This course offers our G20 morning programme in a group of maximum 6 participants, comprised of mature professionals who already have a good level of English, as B1 is the minimum entry level for the programmes.

The course will allow students to practice English with peers from similar professional backgrounds and to focus on specific English vocabulary and terminology. Our General and Business English Mini Group course is not intended to be a specialist module focusing on one particular area in great depth, yet it is designed to cover the practical use of English in everyday situations.