English Summer Preparation Course for University in Ireland

What is English Preparation for University?

English for University focuses on academic English and highlights the practical English skill sets you need to study at university.

Galway Cultural Institute’s English for University summer course in Ireland is aimed at international high school learners who are looking to improve their academic English skills before entering university.

The course introduces learners to academic English and develops the necessary skills required at university level. The programme promotes communication in English, essential study skills & challenges learners to think critically.

  • Minimum Course Length

    3 weeks / 30 lessons

  • Lessons a Week

    30 lessons / 45 minutes per lesson

  • Minimum English Level

    B1 - Intermediate

  • Cost

    €330 / week

  • Start Dates

    June 10th

  • Maximum Class Size

    Classroom lessons:14

  • Minimum Age


  • Lesson time a week

    Mon - Fri 9.00 - 12.30 / 15.00

Who are these English Preparation Courses for University for?

Young people today have many opportunities available with regards to education. As English becomes more and more ubiquitous, hundreds of universities and colleges around the world offer programmes in English where English is not the native language, and thousands of students study abroad on English speaking programmes. The one thing they all have in common is a good academic command of the language.

If you’re an ambitious learner who is looking for a great way to get ready for your future university life - this English summer course in Ireland is perfect for you!

Perhaps you are still in high school or have recently finished and now you are thinking about the future – if your plan is to go to university, this course is an excellent option for you. Our English for University summer course is designed for international and EU students preparing for undergraduate studies in English, either in Ireland or other English-speaking countries.

Perhaps you want to be more successful in your future university studies & develop necessary academic skills? This English for University course in Ireland will ensure that you are fully prepared for your future academic life.

This course has been specifically designed for students like you who want to improve and develop their academic English for university as well as improving their communication skills.

Minimum English language requirements

To be eligible to enrol on our summer English course, you will need to possess a reasonably competent level of English ability. At a minimum you must have a level B1 on the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which assesses a person’s aptitude with the language. 

In simple terms, this will mean you have an ‘intermediate’ level of English, where you have moved beyond the basics of the language but would not yet be able to study or work exclusively in English. At CEFR B1 level you can understand:

  • the main points on common subjects at school, work or while traveling
  • both general and specific details as long as they are spoken clearly to you
  • written information on subjects of interest to you

English Programme objectives

  • to prepare learners to transition successfully to higher education and to introduce learners to the necessary academic skills required at third level
  • to engage in academic research, learn to use a virtual learning environment and on-line library resources, complete e-activities, deliver presentations, participate in individual and team-work and carry out independent study.
  • to develop learners’ confidence in using listening & written English at university level in lectures & seminars, as well as reading and writing
  • to expand vocabulary and communicate in an academic environment that highlights the importance of expressing opinions and critical thinking
  • to enrich learners’ understanding of cross-cultural awareness

Programme content

This English for university summer course has been designed to equip learners with the skills needed to take on a university programme at undergraduate level. During this academic English course, you will develop the necessary learning strategies and study skills to successfully transition and adapt to a third-level educational environment.

Learners will be encouraged and motivated to become reflective, independent learners. The course will also provide you with opportunities to practise and develop your oral and written presentational skills.

By the end of this summer academic programme a learner will be better able to:

  • recognise and use common academic terminology (English for University)
  • produce an essay using academic conventions
  • research & reference appropriately
  • give a presentation with correct structure, language and confidence
  • employ critical thinking and engage in collaborative work
  • take lecture notes effectively
  • exploit library and IT resources effectively

Sample Provisional Timetable Week 1






Collaboration & Teamwork




Effective Reading

Note Taking Strategies


Referencing in text and bibliographies English

Autonomous learning

Introduction to Academic Writing

Delivering Effective Presentations

Analysis of Speaking Styles






Autonomous Learning 

Study skills

Time Management

Critical Thinking

Text Analysis

Critical thinking

Pronunciation & Developing active Listening

Academic Writing

Coherence & Cohesion

Linking Ideas


Common Mistakes

Body Language

Why should I study an English course for University?

English for University increases your knowledge of academic English as well as your study skills. It also helps you become an independent learner so that you are fully prepared to study at degree level in English. If you are studying in an English-speaking university (or going to) you will need to learn this type of English. 

Galway Cultural Institute’s summer course aims to help you understand what is expected, develop skills to help you learn independently, and build your confidence. You will benefit from our expertise to develop academic English language skills needed to progress to higher education. You will have the opportunity to practise:

  • key vocabulary skills
  • ideas and concepts used in a university setting
  • develop dictionary skills
  • expand academic terminology

You will also enrich your learning and benefit from having full access to the resources on campus which include:

  • technology enhanced classrooms
  • a campus with spectacular views of the ocean
  • a virtual learning environment
  • an on-line library
  • a range of additional services including accommodation, social programme, airport transfers etc. 

Why is Ireland in summer a great choice for your English language preparation?

If you choose Ireland in summer to take an English for academic purposes course such as English for University, not only is the weather generally warmer, the lessons can be intensive but fun. You will meet new friends, immerse yourself in different surroundings, grow in confidence and as a person, and gain valuable experience for your future studies or career.

A huge part of your learning experience in Galway will be discovering everything that the city and wider country has to offer you. And immersing yourself in the local culture can only be a good thing – the more time you spend around native English speakers, the faster you are likely to learn the language!

Ireland’s larger towns and cities – of which Galway is one – are vibrant, cosmopolitan places, packed full of restaurants, pubs and bars that will keep you in great spirits during your stay. There is everything from live music, theatre and literature to incredible festivals to enjoy and soak up the atmosphere as you explore. 

This academic English course in Ireland will mean you have all summer to enjoy the social and cultural activities here at the Galway Cultural Institute (GCI) and to explore our lovely city of Galway. We are one of the leading independent third-level colleges in Ireland. Located at the midpoint of the Wild Atlantic Way, on Ireland’s west coast, Galway is the perfect place to learn English and experience the best that Ireland has to offer.

What else does Galway Cultural Institute offer to help me improve my English?

This programme combines the expertise of our language school, Galway Cultural Institute and our undergraduate business school, Galway Business School. We are in a unique position to deliver this introduction to the university experience. 

Galway Cultural Institute has a modern campus where you will have full access to our library facilities and study support. After your classes, the school provides the perfect conditions for some quiet study before returning to your accommodation in the evening. For more information on GCI accommodation, please see here.

Galway Cultural Institute provides a varied social activity programme with certain important objectives. This programme means that:

  • you will have fun, grow and learn all while using your English with other international learners
  • you will share experiences with other international learners
  • you will have opportunities to engage in the local community and the social life of Galway city

We endeavour to provide a range of activities to suit all interests and to show you the very best of our beautiful city Galway. For more information on our activities please see our Events page.

Study in the heart of Galway, Ireland

Since 1989, Galway Cultural Institute has provided English language programmes to students from all over the world - in fact, we have welcomed people from more than 30 countries.

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