Activities at Galway Cultural Institute

We understand the importance of your social life when learning a language. If you are not happy, you won't learn. We update our activity programme every week in order to keep things fresh and exciting. Collect an activity calendar from the reception each week. Most of the activities are free or at a very low cost.

Use the activity programme as a platform to learn

Use the activity programme as a platform to learn, have fun and grow. Share your experiences with other international students and seize the opportunity to engage in the Galway community and the social life of the city.

Our students come from all parts of the world and many walks of life, our goal is to keep you interested. We want you to be enthusiastic about the activities, whether you're here for one week or one year. We like to keep things budget-friendly, cultural and active. We also do our best to show you the 'Galway' way of doing things. Our recommendation is for you to take part in as many of the extra-curricular activities as possible and always come with an open mind!

A few examples...

Some examples of our activities include walking tours, board games, conversation clubs, hill-walking, Irish dancing, foosball tournaments, bowling, film clubs, day trips around Galway and beyond. We also host workshops such as CV preparation classes, job interview skills, etc. Regularly, we have sports like football, rock-climbing, basketball, windsurfing, kayaking, pitch & putt, mini golf, rounders, running, Gaelic football, hurling, etc.

By making the journey to Ireland and enrolling at GCI, you give yourself an opportunity not only to learn about Ireland, but to learn about cultures from all over the world. We promote interchange of cultures within the school and are always happiest supporting a group of students who wish to showcase their country. These events include, but are not limited to Brazilian party for Carnival, Korean New Year Party, St. Patrick's Day for Ireland, Bastille Day, Spanish Holidays, Celebrating Eid, Day of the Dead, Mexican Independence Day, Ramadan, Swiss National Day, etc. Please help us learn and celebrate your culture with you!

Community Engagement

Another crucial aspect of our activity programme is community engagement. We provide some volunteering opportunities for festivals and local charities in the community. These are great opportunities for you to make friends with the Galway locals and make a difference.

Galway is going to be the European Capital of Culture in 2020. This is because Galway is a cultural hub. There are plenty of festivals to discover and events to go to. You will never be bored here. There's always something to go to even if you're on a budget. Please ask us for anything specific and we'll be happy to help!

We'd love to hear from you!

Please note that we are constantly changing our activity programme and if you would like to add something, we'd be more than happy to hear from you accommodate for it if we can. We regularly help our students to organise events.

AfternoonIrish Slang Class: Irish people tend to use a lot of slang words. This class is essential to learn why, how and when to use them!Discover Galway Walking Tour: Take a quick tour with us around the heart of the city & learn about our beautiful home!Conversation club:
It is important to speak and practice English at every chance you can get. This class is for all levels of English and is a perfect way to gain confidence in your speaking ability
CV Preparation Class:
This is essential for anybody, but most importantly for any student that is planning on working in any English speaking country
Movie Afternoon!
Students get to sit down and pick a movie to watch from our large selection. All movies have English subtitles.
EveningIrish Myths & Legends:
Ireland’s myths and legends are both fascinating and eerie. Whether true or not, they make for great stories
Discover Galway Walking Tour: Take a tour up the canal with us along our beautiful waterways and visit the famous National College and Cathedral! Gaelic Football/Hurling:
Gaelic football and Hurling are a massive part of Irish life, and are both extremely technical sports. This is a great chance for students to learn the rules, play the game and take part in supporting the local team
Irish Dancing: Irish dancing is a traditional and brilliantly fun form of dancing, that all of our students thoroughly enjoyDay Trips to Connemara or Cliffs of Moher €20 Day trips to Aran Islands €25                  Tickets are bought in the schoolDay Trips to Connemara or Cliffs of Moher €20 Day trips to Aran Islands €25                  The students go either by themselves or with the other students
NightBowling Night: Students get brought to go either bowling or to laser tag. This is another way of getting to know the other students and also have some funPub Night:
Every Wednesday the students meet up in one of the local bars, to help them get comfortable with their new home and also to get to know the other students 18+ Only
Galway United Soccer Match: Students get to experience the atmosphere at the local soccer (football) team, and help cheer on and support the Galway teamTrad on the Prom: During the summer the students get a chance to go and experience the music spectacle that is Trad on the Prom. This show brings together traditional music, song and dance