Activities at Galway Cultural Institute

GCI Social Activity Programme 

Galway Cultural Institute provides a varied social programme of activities with certain important objectives.  We want to give you, our student, opportunities to have fun, grow and learn; to share your experiences with other students; and have the opportunity to engage in the community and the social life of the city.

We endeavor to provide a range of activities that suit all interests and budgets and show you the best and the most ‘Galway’ things we have to offer.  You are on a unique learning journey and we encourage you to take part in as many of the activities and events organised by the school or those happening in the city as possible. Your feedback on our programme is essential – please add any suggestions to our suggestion list or speak to the Activity person.

GCI Activities Plan

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GCI Activities

GCI Activities

Sign-up sheets for activities and weekend tours are at the Activity Desk in the Halla Mór at lunch times from 12.45-13.15pm. Some of the activities organised include:

We also have a number of clubs running throughout the year including Running Club, Movie Club, Football Club, Conversation Club, Reading Club, Card Club, Chess Club etc.  Not all clubs run all the time and we vary the programme as much as possible.

At GCI we are passionate about promoting the interchange of cultures within the school and are always happiest supporting a group of students who wish to showcase their country.  These include Brazilian party for Carnival, Korean New Year Party, St Patrick’s for Ireland, Bastille Day, Spanish holidays, Celebrating Eid, Day of the Dead and Mexican Independence Day etc.  Please help us learn and celebrate your culture with you.

Community engagement is another great opportunity at GCI, which includes some volunteering opportunities in festivals or charities in the community.  These are a good way to engage with the community, make some new friends and make a difference.

You will find a monthly activity programme posted in your classroom and reminders of all activities are promoted on our in-house digital display screens which you will see on every floor and in the Reception area. This allows you to plan ahead and decide with your GCI friends what activities you would like to take part in.

International Food Night

International Food Night

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