Student Guide - Attendance during your English Classes

We take attendance seriously

We take attendance very seriously here at Galway Cultural Institute and we ask our students to respect our rules and regulations that govern it.

Attendance is checked daily

We monitor our students' attendance daily and we make sure that nobody falls below an attendance score of 85%. This is crucial for those of you who need to get visa status. Not only is it important that you show up to class, but it is very important that you participate. If everybody participates, it makes for a much more fun and healthy learning environment.

We don't want it to have to come to us asking you to leave the school if your attendance gets very bad, but we might have to ask you to leave if you are not showing up!

Sick students

Also in relation to this, if students are going to be absent for any reason, this being illness or any other reason, GCI must be notified, either by e-mail or phone call together with any medical certs. If you need us to organise a doctor's appointment, please get in contact and we will arrange one for you.