​Student Guide - English Classes


All courses start any Monday except Exam Prep, Foundation, Pre-Masters, 50+, Teacher Training and Group Programmes (except bank holidays when courses start on Tuesday). All prices are per week except for Foundation and Exam Preparation programmes.

Classes start at 9.00 in low season and 8.30, in high season. During the high season, classes operate on a double schedule and you will be allocated your schedule on the first day depending on your course booking – i.e. certain courses are automatically timetabled in the afternoon sessions.

All lessons are 45 minutes long.

Max group class size is 12 in low season and 14 in high season except for Exam Prep, Foundation, Teacher Training, 50+, Specialist and Group Programmes which are 14 all year round. Mini-Group, General English for Professionals is max 6 and requires B1 level of English Minimum numbers, minimum level and minimum age are required for some courses. Minimum age is 17 during low season and 16 in high season.

Class attendance is obligatory.