Student Guide - First Day at Galway Cultural Institute

Welcome to Galway Cultural Institute!

You are most welcome to our school. We understand that you probably have travelled far to be here and we're excited to make you feel at home and begin your language learning journey.

Please introduce yourself when you arrive, tell us that it's your first day and we'll be more than happy to guide you through the process!

First Day

8.30 am: Arrive at school

We ask you to come to school between 08.15 and 08.30 on your first week, on Monday (Tuesday if the school is closed on Monday due to a bank holiday) regardless whether you booked an AM or PM timetabled course. Our staff will welcome you at Reception.

Even if you are due to have classes in the afternoon, you must arrive on your first day at the mentioned time above. All students will have their first day orientation in the morning, regardless or the class timetable.

9.00 am: Student Orientation                   

10.15 am:             School Tour        

10.30 am:            Morning Break                       

11.00 am:            Start your GCI English lessons or 

                            Attend your Visa Meeting (Long Stay Students)

12.30 pm:            Lunch Break 

Afternoon          GCI Conversation Club


If you are a Non-EU student, please remember to bring your passport to school on the first day.

Getting lost in Galway

Getting lost is part of settling in to any new place. Galway is a safe city and people are friendly enough to ask and will help you to find your way. Always carry your host family's number and the school emergency number with you in case you might need it. It is also essential that you bring your student card with you and a copy of your address here in Galway. Please make sure that you take reasonable measures to ensure your own safety; ie. do not walk alone late at night.

Lost Baggage

If you have had any problem with lost bags, etc. please let us know and we will help you.