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Week 1 Monday Meeting  11am Halla Mor

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Director of Studies


12.30 Library Room 102

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Director of Studies

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Daily Student Meetings

We have open-door student meeting every day at GCI. You can come to the library (Room 102) at 13.00pm. You can ask questions about your lessons or about Galway, you can get information, get exam advice or explain a problem during these meetings. 

Exam Advice Meetings

Because GCI is a Cambridge Testing Centre our students can sit examinations throughout the year. GCI offer specialised meetings for students who are looking for advice about formal exams:

GCI is also an IELTS Testing Venue. You can take your IELTS exam here in your own school.

 Long Stay Student meetings 

We have monthly meetings for our Study Abroad Year students and students who are on longer courses. This provides a platform for ideas exchange, feedback and reminders of any relevant rules and procedures.

Immigration Meetings

At GCI we will support and help you through your visa documentation and the process of opening a bank account. You will have a special meeting all about this (For full details please see the section: Immigration Information)

Departure Certificates

Each student receives a GCI certificate on departure in line with Council of Europe CEFR levels. Your name, course, final level, period of study, and the number of lessons per week will be detailed on this certificate.

 If you are departing before Friday, please inform the Assistant Director of Studies (ADOS) well in advance so that your certificate is ready for you.