Visa Process

Visa Process

Welcome to GCI - We are here to support you every step of the way as you complete your immigration process here in Galway. 

There are a few things to organise before you go to immigration in Galway. Please READ through the framework below which explains the overall process and watch our information VIDEO below.

If you are a visa holding student you will need to validate your visa after you arrive in Ireland.
To validate your visa after arrival in Ireland, you must to go to GNIB/ Immigration office. You will need to ALL have the appropriate documents prepared for your appointment. Please watch & read the information below to assist you in your preparation.

Our Study Abroad Programme is only available to students who are outside of the European Economic Area. If your home country is outside of the EEA, you have to apply for a visa while here. Getting a visa to Ireland shouldn't be difficult as it is an easy country to gain access to.

For students whose home country is inside of the European Economic Area EEA, you do not need a visa to come to Ireland.

Before you arrive

After arrival in Ireland, you need to

Getting ready for Immigration

Getting ready for Immigration

Before you go to immigration checklist

  1. Open an Irish Bank Account
  2. If you are studying English language, select your International exam (Cambridge or IELTS)
  3. An Irish bank statement with balance of €3,000
  4. Medical insurance certificate
  5. A letter from your Host family or landlord - There is a sample letter under this list. You don’t need this if you live in the school residence apartments.
  6. A credit/debit card that you can use to pay the €300 fee for your visa (Immigration does not accept cash)
  7. Your passport
  8. A School Immigration Letter for the Immigration Officer
  9. Ensure ALL the student addresses on ALL documentation match/ are the same

For more information on visas, please head over to this website. Alternatively, you can check with your home country's embassy for more information.

Immigration Information for Students