What to bring

We hope that you will find this little guide useful and we wish you a very happy stay here with us in Galway. So here is what you must bring with you:


All students must have a valid passport to travel to Ireland. Your passport should be valid for more than six months after arrival. For EU students a valid national ID card may be enough.
Don't leave this to chance. Please be sure to check, double check and triple check.

If you have any more detailed questions, please contact your country's embassy.

For non-EU students

For non-EU students, we ask that you bring your passport with you on your first day so that we can take a photocopy of it for our records. We also need to check the visa that you received at the airport and that it is correct with the authorities.


·         Casual clothes for the lessons

·         Something smart if you want to go out to a special restaurant or a nightclub

·         1- 2 pairs of trainers or comfortable walking shoes.

·         1 waterproof jacket

·         1- 2 warm pull-overs

·         A warm hat and gloves for outdoor activities / weekend tours.


·         Make sure that you have travel insurance

·         A travel adaptor for hairdryers/electric razors/laptops/phone chargers

·         Credit card

·         A small amount of cash in Euros