English for 50+

The programme

The 50+ Programme is designed for mature students who want to improve and combine their language skills with an active social programme.

  • Minimum Course Length

    2 weeks

  • Lessons a Week

    20 lessons
    45 minutes per lesson

  • Minimum English Level

    Pre-Intermediate A2
    Upper-Intermediate B2

  • Cost


  • Start Dates

    9.05.2022, 13.06.2022
    11.07.2022, 12.09.2022

  • Maximum Class Size


  • Minimum Age


  • Lesson times

    Mon - Fri 9.00 - 12.30
    in the summer classes start at 8.30

Who is the course for?

If you are over 50 and looking for new experiences, studying the English language in a city as vibrant and exciting as Galway should be top of your list. This two-week course offers 20 Intensive General English lessons and a specialised activity programme so that you can enjoy the very best of Ireland.

The 50+ programme offers mature students the opportunity to study with like-minded students of the same age range, from all over the world.The programme includes exciting language practice and a range of cultural and social activities with a focus on Ireland’s famous heritage.

Course objectives

  • To maximise use of English in everyday situations
  • To build students’ confidence in their ability to use English
  • To help you improve your understanding of spoken English
  • To make English study a fun experience
  • Allow you to meet new people and make new friends 

The classes are built around the Communicative approach with a focus on practical English in a more relaxed classroom setting and the pace of the lessons is ideal for those combining a holiday with language learning. During the first day, students have a comprehensive first day meeting with the Director of Studies to introduce the course programme in detail.

Course content

The classes

The 50+ programme has 20 lessons of Intensive General English in a closed group in the morning, with max class size of 14 students. The course of study is designed to maximize use of English in everyday situations, includes elements of practical language and increases students’ confidence in their ability to use English. The teaching team is chosen based on their experience and areas of expertise.

It is a mixed ability class with students from Pre-Intermediate (A2) to Upper-Intermediate (B2). If students fall outside of these categories, they will have the option, if they wish, to join a General English class more suitable to their level.

The social programme

Students will take part in a variety of activities during the 50+ programme and a GCI representative will accompany the students during the social programme. Depending on the type of activity, these can take place during the afternoon or evening time during the week and full day at the weekend. The social programme activities include the following attractions:

Afternoon Activities

1) Welcoming Lunch with GCI staff – great opportunity to get to know the other participants and GCI staff as well.

2) Walking tour of Galway - a great way to discover the rich history and cultural heritage of Galway city.

3) Galway Museum – learn about the history of the city and enjoy wonderful views from this cultural hub.

4) Tea & Scones Afternoon – experience one of Galway’s most popular attractions and enjoy a traditional Irish pastry with a cup of tea.

5) Half day trip on the Corrib Princess Boat - enjoy a guided tour of the Corrib Lake & River on the luxurious all weather Corrib Princess.

6) Irish Workshop – learn more about the Irish cultural heritage through one of the following workshops: Irish Dance, Irish Coffee, and Irish Music.

7) Certificate Ceremony at the end of the course.

Evening Activities 

1) Pub Night – discover  Galway’s most famous and historic drinking establishments nestled in the middle of Galway’s cultural quarters, meet and talk with both Galwegians and other visitors to Galway city.

2) Greyhound racing – explore the excitement of greyhound racing at this popular venue in Galway city.

One Full Day Activity 

Visit Cliffs of Moher

Step on to the edge of the world and into an awe-inspiring view of one of Ireland’s top visitor attractions, the Cliffs of Moher, where you will encounter nature in its wildest, purest form. Like more than million plus visitors who come to see them each year, you can look forward to a trip never to be forgotten: Ireland at its most natural, rugged, panoramic and breath taking view. 

What else is included? 

To make the experience extra special, we include:

Return transfer by public coach (from Dublin Airport to Galway Coach Station)

Taxi transfer (on arrival only) from Galway Coach Station to the selected accommodation

50+ English course in Galway

50+ English course in Galway

Galway Cultural Institute (GCI) offers an amazing two week programme which allows people in their 50s, 60s, and beyond to improve their English while enjoying a wonderful programme of activities outside the classroom.

Our special two week 50+ programme is popular with students from all over the world. It allows participants to study in a very relaxed setting, make new friends, and enjoy social and cultural activities throughout an unforgettable fortnight. 

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