General English Courses in Ireland: 20 lessons

The programme

General English Courses are our most popular programmes. With three different flexible options of 20, 26 or 30 lessons per week, these General English Courses give you choice and flexibility so that you can start your learning journey every week of the year.

  • Minimum Course Length

    2 weeks +

  • Lessons a Week

    20 lessons per week / 15 hours
    45 minutes per lesson

  • Minimum English Level

    Beginner A1 - Advanced C2

  • Cost

    €215 per week

  • Start Dates

    Any Monday
    (on bank holidays, courses start on Tuesdays)

  • Maximum Class Size

    12 in winter
    14 in summer

  • Minimum Age

    17 in winter
    16 in summer

  • Lesson times

    Mon - Fri 9.00 - 12.30
    (in summer, classes begin at 8:30)

Who is the course for?

Imagine being able to communicate freely and confidently in English.  General English courses can help you achieve real fluency and prepare you for a successful career or further study.  We want you to get the results you want.  

Think about what you want to study and more importantly what you want to achieve before you start.  With your dedication and our expert help, you can progress from one level to the next in as little as six weeks.  

In General English 20 you can enrol for a short time (2+ weeks) or a longer period (50 weeks). The choice is yours.  You will be in multinational classes with students from all over the world and at your correct level.  General English courses suit everyone.  

The General English 20 course is an affordable option for students wishing to improve and gain English language fluency. You will improve your communicative language skills and your English language knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Whether you want your English for study, work or pleasure, this course will help you!

General English Courses give you time to enjoy the social and cultural activities in GCI and to explore our picturesque city, Galway.

Course objectives

Our primary concern is to enhance your communication skills, so that you can communicate effectively outside the classroom in the real world.  

The objective of our General English 20 lesson course (G20) is to develop all areas of your English language skills. Your vocabulary, your listening, your speaking, your confidence, will all improve.  You will improve your reading and writing and explore English language grammar structures.  You will have time to develop and improve your pronunciation and intonation, in fact everything to help you excel and gain fluency.

On General English 20 course, you will:

  1. Learn real English in a multicultural environment using the very latest resources and technologies.
  2. Have fun and be challenged to succeed so that you will be able to communicate successfully with native English speakers and with people from all over the world.
  3. Focus on the practical aspects of language and facilitate your everyday communication during your English experience.
  4. Maximise your learning by receiving feedback from your teachers and doing weekly review tests. They will monitor your progress and help improve your confidence speaking English.

Course content

Here at GCI, we use only the most modern and up to date materials and our coursebook choice reflects this. Your course is structured around an excellent 12 week syllabus. The syllabus is linked to the Common European Framework (CEFR) 'Can Do Statements'. Of course, our talented teachers make  changes depending on your specific needs and requirements and those of your classmates and they will introduce you to additional materials as appropriate.

In GCI, there is a progress test every Friday morning to monitor your progress and to see if there is a need to reappraise your level or focus more on certain language areas. You have regular feedback sessions with your teacher to discuss and analyse your progress. Homework is part of your learning journey and this is assigned by your teachers every day.You can also use our library resources if you wish to do extra study or to read - there is  a teacher in the library in the afternoons who can help you find what you need or explain any difficult vocabulary or grammar for you.

When you arrive you will be given your own coursebook, which you will use everyday in your lessons and for some of your home study tasks. You will have two different teachers who will help you to develop your English skills: speaking, reading,writing and listening, in addition to your language skills: grammar, vocabulary and communication. You will have lots of opportunities for practice in your groups and will meet new people from all over the world!

Learn English in Galway