General English Courses in Ireland: 26 lessons

The programme

General English 26 (G26) is one of our three General English courses. Improve your English language and communication skills with General English 26 lessons per week, 20 morning and 6 afternoon lessons each week.

  • Minimum Course Length

    2 weeks +

  • Lessons a Week

    26 lessons per week (19.5 hours)
    45 minutes per lesson

  • Minimum English Level

    Beginner - A1 -
    Advanced C2

  • Cost

    €255 per week

  • Start Dates

    Any Monday
    (on bank holidays, courses start on Tuesdays)

  • Maximum Class Size

    12 in winter
    14 in summer

  • Minimum Age

    17 in winter
    16 in summer

  • Lesson times

    Mon - Fri 9.00 - 12.30 (in summer classes begin at 8.30)
    Mon, Tues & Thu 13.30 - 15.00 (in summer afternoon classes start at 13.00)

Who is the course for?

Being able to communicate freely and confidently in English is a dream for many people.  General English courses can help you achieve your goal and prepare you for a wonderful career or a pathway to your chosen university.  We want you to get results and to get them fast.    

You have to think about what you want to study and more importantly set your language goals before you start.  With your dedication and hard work, our expertise and support, you can progress from one level to the next in as little as six weeks.  

General English Course 26 (G26) is one of our newest programmes and is quickly becoming one of our most popular courses. It is affordable and is designed for those seeking an English language course with more class contact time.  It combines our G20 morning programme with 3 afternoons of  lessons focusing on projects, fluency and your communication skills outside the classroom. 

Choosing to study a General English 26 lesson course is the ideal option for students wishing to rapidly develop English communication skills. You can start any Monday and begin your learning at the best time for you. You will have 2  afternoons completely free every week so you can study and explore the city of Galway.

You will improve your core communication language skills whether for work, study or pleasure. During your afternoon lessons, you will have more teacher contact time which will further enhance your ability to communicate. You will improve your confidence in speaking and listening and quickly become more fluent. You will enjoy a technologically-enhanced environment that helps you become a better learner. You can choose any length (2 to 50 weeks) and learn with students aged 17 to 70 from all over the world.  Such diverse classes are a proven environment to raise your English level.

Course objectives

During your General English 26 course, we help you develop all areas of your language abilities. This includes your listening skills, your confidence when speaking, improving your pronunciation and intonation, your vocabulary acquisition, boosting your reading and writing abilities and ensuring that you use the correct grammar structures to be successful.

On the General English 26 lesson course, you will:

  1. Learn real English in a multicultural classroom using cutting-edge materials and the latest technologies.
  2. Have fun and engage in challenging language activities with people from many different countries.
  3. Further improve your accuracy and fluency, and your ability to be more articulate in English.
  4. Learn practical English to help with your everyday English language experience here in Galway.
  5. Progress and receive personalised feedback to help you make the most of your course and your own study time.

Course content

Our General English Course 26 lesson course (G26), follows a weekly Syllabus Guide for 12 weeks at each level for both for morning and afternoon lessons. These syllabi are designed to deliver learner outcomes based on the Common European Framework (CEFR) ‘Can Do Statements’ as well as focusing on the needs of our students.

These guides are based on core course books and supplementary material developed by the expert teaching team at GCI. Afternoon sessions focus on a wider range of resources that are both topical and communicative.

Your progress is assessed weekly with a review test every Friday and this gives you the opportunity to decide if you need to do more practise in any area. Your teacher will regularly discuss and analyse your progress with you. Homework is part of your learning journey and every day your teachers assign specific homework that must be done. The library is open in the afternoons and the teacher there can guide you to the most appropriate materials that will help you increase your knowledge and understanding of English language.

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