Latest information on travel

The Covid-19 related requirements  when travelling to Ireland have been removed with effect from 6th March 2022.

While all travel requirements to enter Ireland have been removed, other EU and non-EU countries may still require travelers to hold adequate documentation. 

Please consult government official websites for further information. While our information strives to be accurate, please remember these are only guidelines and you should always consult official websites. 

Advice and rules for International travel to Ireland

All international students travelling to Ireland should clearly understand the testing, vaccination, and quarantine requirements for entering the country. All advice and rules for international travel from the Irish Government, which came into effect in Ireland on 19 July can be accessed on the official websites. 

It is each student’s personal responsibility to comply with the current travel requirements for Ireland.

Before you Travel

If you are travelling to Ireland from abroad this means that:

  1.  you must fill out an electronic Passenger Locator Form before departure.
  2.  you must have appropriate valid proof of vaccination or recovery, or to present evidence of a negative RT-PCR result from test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival into the country.
  3. All international arrivals are requested to use the HSE Covid Tracker App post arrival

Since 19 July 2021, Ireland has operated the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) for travel originating within the EU/EEA. This is not a precondition for travel, but it does make travelling within the EU easier. Passengers arriving into Ireland with a DCC will not have to undergo quarantine.

The infographic below will help you to determine your necessary actions easily 

Quaranting Requirements

GCI Pre Arrival Documents

  1. Before you begin your classes, we ask that you submit your GCI Covid-19 Return to School Self-Declaration Form. If you don't complete this form, we cannot let you enter the school. Should you have any questions or difficulties completing the form please contact us.

Student Covid Self Declaration form


2. International students must also an Accommodation Declaration Form confirming that you will only stay in appropriate accommodation in Ireland & will not stay in accommodation that is overcrowded, unsafe or not inline with public health advice.

Accommodation Declaration Form - Covid 19


Travelling abroad from Ireland / Holidays

If you are leaving and returning to Ireland during your course (e.g. you are going on holidays / visiting home etc.) you must inform the school of your travel plans and provide flight details.

Before returning to school after holidays you must re-submit the Covid-19 Self-Declaration Form.