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Top tips to improve your English Communications Skills

My accent is too strong... my English is not good enough... the majority of students taking English courses at the Galway Cultural Institute have experienced one or more of these feelings at some stage during their time learning English in Ireland.

Posted by Expert GCI Teacher, Dan
19 July 2021

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Why Learning English is important

In today’s digital society, knowledge of other languages has become a pre-requisite for global business and communications. Knowing English increases your chances of getting a job in a multinational within your home country or for finding work abroad.

Posted by GCI Teacher
12 July 2021

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What is a Business English Course?

The globalization of business, trade and finance has led to an increasing demand for a specialized study of English language skills and language directly linked to business. These demands highlight the importance of learning business English.

Posted by GCI Expert Teacher
08 July 2021

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Summertime: THE opportunity to learn English Abroad

Summertime has always been recognised as a time of growth, longer days, more opportunities to get out an about and travel, and of course, gain more life experience. Generally speaking, it’s the time when we all consider travelling more.

Posted by GCI Teacher
21 June 2021

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A short river with a long history

Whether you are a resident of Galway City or a recent arrival, you are sure to be drawn to the beautiful River Corrib which surges through the City and sweeps into the sea right in the heart of this ancient place.

Posted by GCI Teacher
04 June 2021

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Key Benefits of taking an IELTS Examination

Having IELTS certification will always be an invaluable inclusion on any C.V. The growing requirement of IELTS among third level institutions, business organizations (employers) and for some international visa requirements has increased dramatically.

Posted by Expert GCI Teacher
28 May 2021

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