Learn English in Summer in Ireland

The programme

Maximise all of your time in Galway and improve your English fluency quickly. Our Summer Afternoon General English courses are the ideal course option to gain fluency fast and improve your communication skills in English during the summer time. 

  • Minimum Course Length

    1 week+

  • Lessons a Week

    20 lessons per week
    45 minutes per lesson

  • Minimum English Level

    Beginner A1 - Advanced C2

  • Cost

    From €190 per week

  • Start Dates

    Any Monday except bank holidays

  • Maximum Class Size

    12 low season
    14 high season

  • Minimum Age


  • Lesson times

    Monday - Friday
    13.30 - 16.45

Please note that if you score less than 15 questions correct out of 80 questions (less than 18%) in our online English test, you will need to book one to one classes before you begin your General English classes.
In order to be able to start your General English classes any Monday, your level must be minimum Elementary A1.

Who is the course for?

The General English Summer Afternoon course is for those of you who are looking to come here during the summer months and improve your English. These classes start in the afternoon giving you extra time to enjoy your mornings in Galway - to explore the city or have a relaxing morning.

The General English Summer Afternoon courses is also an excellent option for you if budget is a factor. If you are looking for excellent value, look no further - book with us today!

Many people take lessons in the afternoon because it is summer; it suits their family life, their working schedules or because they wanted a change from their normal routine at home. With 20, 26 or 30 lessons each week, these courses are a perfect option for students wishing to dedicate some time to really improving their English skills and giving their fluency a boost. 

You can take these courses from the end of June until the beginning of September, so start planning your language learning journey today. 

Course objectives

The aim of Summer General English afternoon courses is to further develop your English language skills - you will get the maximum benefit out of your time here and in your lessons you will develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. You will spend time on expanding your grammar knowledge and use, building vocabulary and of course on improving your communication skills.

From the moment you arrive, you will:

  1. Learn English in a multicultural classroom using the latest resources and technologies.
  2. Focus on improving your accuracy in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
  3. Have fun and be challenged in your lessons
  4. Learn everyday communication skills to assist you during your English language experience.
  5. Receive feedback to help you use new language with confidence
  6. Explore new techniques to help you improve

Course content

When you arrive you will be given your own coursebook, which you will use throughout your lessons each week. Here at GCI we use only the most modern and up to date materials and our coursebook choice reflects this. This coursebook will form the basis of some of your home study tasks too - allowing you to repeat and revise new items in your own time. Your course is structured around an excellent 12 week syllabus, but of course you can start on any Monday. The syllabus is linked to the Common European Framework 'Can Do Statements'. 

You will receive regular feedback from your teacher to discuss and analyse your progress. Home study is part of your learning journey and this is assigned by your teachers every day.

You will have two different teachers who will help you to develop your English skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening, in addition to your language skills: grammar, vocabulary and communication. You will have lots of opportunities for practice in your groups and will meet new people from all over the world!

Book today to enjoy a summer study programme in one of Ireland's most well-regarded and beautifully-located schools - Galway Cultural Institute.

Learn English in Ireland