Online Learning

Online Learning 

In the early weeks of March, schools across the world’s leading English Language Training (ELT) destinations have suspended in-person classes as a result of the numerous restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Irish government closed all schools in the country on 12 March, and ELT centres were included in that directive.

GCI suspended all classroom course delivery on the same day and in the weeks following it launched GCI online via Moodle, the first step in delivering English classes online to our students. The GCI online learning platform went live from Wednesday 18th March. 

Since the school closure, GCI has introduced our own online learning platform, Moodle, for all our current students. Students have been able to use this online learning platform to access various resources in order to continue their studies during the school closure period.

You can use this online learning platform to continue your studies during this school closure period. You will need to create an account to access the GCI Moodle platform. The instructions for this account set up are attached above. 

You can start by clicking here.

Two weeks later, on Monday 30th March, GCI introduced online face-to-face lessons via Zoom videoconferencing, backed by the Moodle learning system. 

Zoom is a virtual classroom where you will be able to see and chat with your teacher and your classmates. You will be sent information on how to access your Zoom class in advance. Online lessons are delivered using Zoom, accessible through both mobile devices and computers. 

GCI also distributed laptops to any students or staff that needed them and the entire student body went online at once.

It marked a shift toward a new delivery model that will likely make greater space for teacher-directed language learning online.

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We are absolutely astounded by the take-up of online classes and the feedback received from students. We are delighted of being able to provide students with these unique learning tools as the Zoom plugin offers tight integration with Moodle, supporting meeting and webinar creation, synchronization and communication of online teaching.

By combining both services we enable our teachers and students to create an environment where Zoom educational and Moodle CMS hold hands to bring the best service. During the virtual classrooms, not only the attendees can see or hear each other, but also the flow of content between them becomes possible.

Online virtual classes

Online virtual classes

We look forward to continuing to support our students with their online learning in every way we can. 

GCI’s academic department are working very hard to improve and further develop these online classes for all our students. 

We hope to role out the system in the future and make it available for new students.

More details to follow. 

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