Top Movies to watch on Netflix this Christmas

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Top Movies to watch on Netflix this Christmas

Posted 21 December

As we approach our Christmas holidays here at GCI, you may be worried about how to stay on top of your study. Fear not, for there are many ways to immerse yourself in English in an easy and accessible way.

 Check out this blog for some fun ideas to keep you motivated over the winter break.

Winter can be difficult with its dark evenings and cold nights. But come the 25th of December, it all seems worth it because IT’S CHISTMAS! And nothing feels better than a nice cosy night in with a Christmas movie. And hey, it can even help you improve your English! Watching movies is the perfect way to practise your English regardless of level or course. Whether you are studying General English with us, or preparing for the Cambridge Exams or the IELTS, there is no better way to enjoy learning English than sitting back, relaxing and getting into the Christmas spirit. 

Here’s our list of the top Christmas Movies.

#1: Home Alone 

Home Alone Official Trailer - YouTube

This is a classic Christmas movie. If you enjoy action and adventure, this is the movie for you! A childhood favourite of many, this movie centres around Kevin, a mischievous young boy who gets himself into all sorts of trouble when he finds himself all alone at Christmas. Kevin makes his own rules, but can he save the day when trouble arises? Watch and find out! And if Kevin tickles your fancy, be sure and check out ‘Home Alone 2’.  

#2: The Grinch           

What is the most important thing about Christmas? Is it Santa Clause and the presents under the tree? Is it friends and family? ‘The Grinch’ explores the true meaning of Christmas. This hilarious movie is based on the famous Dr.Seuss tale “How the Grinch stole Christmas”. The Grinch is an interesting character to say the least. He famously hates Christmas and would do anything to disrupt other people’s joy. Do you know anyone who is a “Grinch”? Watch this movie and see if he can successfully steal Christmas!

#3: Love Actually             

It’s difficult not to feel the love at Christmas, and if romance is your thing, this is the movie for you. Love Actually is set five weeks before Christmas and captures all the highs and lows of the Christmas build up. Follow the lives of ten individuals as they traverse all things work, love and loss. This movie is also filled with many famous faces and is a must watch at Christmas time.  Indulge yourself in the Christmas spirit and let all your emotions out! 

#4: Klaus

An Oscar nominated movie; Klaus invites you into the most beautiful, animated world. The traditional animation makes you feel as if you are being transported back in time. Klaus also offers an alternative origin story for Santa Clause. How was it that he really came to be? If the attention to detail isn’t your thing, the plot also explores friendship and joy, enough to melt the coldest of hearts! 

Klaus Movie Trailer

#5: The Holiday                

Okay, okay, so it’s another romance movie but hear me out. Love is often followed by heartbreak and this movie deals with the not so glamorous side of love and heartache. This holiday favourite explores the lives of two women either side of the Atlantic and their quest for independence, happiness…and love. Do you ever feel like you have to get away from it all? Would you be prepared to move across the ocean just to avoid your ex? 

Watch as two women do exactly this in an unforgettable “life swap”. Yet another movie with an A-list cast, this is most certainly a feel-good film. 

Honourable Mentions 

Of course, there are far too many movies to mention but here are a few that are a Christmas must and not limited to Netflix.

Die Hard – Arguably not a Christmas movie and yet arguably the best Christmas movie of all time. Who doesn’t love an action packed thriller with heroes and hostages and all during the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Die Hard is also filled with many classic catchphrases, which is a must for any GCI student!

Jingle All the Way – Who doesn’t want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger rushing around in a Christmas shopping frenzy. This laugh-out loud comedy follows Arnold as he tries everything he can to get his son the perfect gift. It’s every parent’s nightmare with hilarious results.

Miracle on 34th Street – This is one of the most wholesome Christmas stories. Do you believe in Santa Clause? Do you believe in the power of goodwill? Watch this movie and enjoy the spirit of Christmas in its many ways.

So there you have it, our list of Christmas favourites that will help you with your study this Winter break. What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Did it make this list? And remember, if you find yourself in need of some fresh air over the holidays, why don’t you read this blog and find out how to get out and become more active in Galway.

Merry Christmas and Happy Watching!

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