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Welcome to Galway Cultural Institute English Online, where you will grow your command of the English language by building up your understanding of grammar, listening and usage.

If you are looking to study a practical online English course from the comfort of your home, look no further.

GCI's online English classes will make sure you learn as effectively online as in a regular classroom. Our online English course is available if you are an existing student at GCI, or if you are studying English with us for the very first time. We bring you all the expertise of our GCI English teachers, without the need for you to travel.  

You can choose from the following options to learn English online:

General English courses

General English Evening Course Online

Exam preparation courses

Cambridge Preparation Evening Course Online

Private English lessons

One to One Online

We use the same curriculum as our face-to-face classes and you will receive continuous support from our GCI teachers. The courses are every bit as engaging, and lots more flexible too.

Exam Preparation Online Evening

Exam Preparation Online Evening

Our online Exam Preparation group classes will provide online and blended training to ensure that you maximise your Cambridge Advanced exam results.

From €195

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General English Evening Online

General English Evening Online

Our online General English courses will give you flexibility in studying. The course designed to fit around you if you work full-time or have other commitments making it difficult to attend a daytime course.

From €160

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Private English Lessons Online

Private English Lessons Online

Our One to One lessons are designed for students who are interested in improving their English with private English lessons that will focus on your specific learning needs.

From €50

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Our online English courses 

Meet other students from around the world

GCI Online English courses allow you to interact with other international students and improve your English from any location around the globe!

You will be attending hybrid lessons with other students who are studying face to face here in Galway. You will attend your GCI classes via Zoom – all Zoom links can be found on your course page on our online learning platform, Moodle. During your lessons, you'll be able to view all interactive content, see the whiteboard and listen to the lesson & teacher. The teacher will provide you with the opportunities to work together if there are other students online and you'll be able to ask questions using the chat function on Zoom. 

Authentic classroom experience 

Our highly trained team of teachers will create a dynamic and authentic in-class experience to help you improve your English language level – all from the comfort of your own home. You will take part in actual live English classes delivered over the Zoom platform. You will have a GCI teacher to guide your learning and fellow GCI students to share the experience with you.

The online classes are very interactive with lots of speaking in groups and pairs to develop communication skills as a priority.

Multiple platforms to improve efficiency

Your online lessons combine two platforms, Zoom and Moodle, to achieve the best results for you.

Your face-to-face lesson take place on Zoom, while all your support resources – homework, self-study options, and extra practice materials are hosted on our powerful e-learning platform. This platform allows for increased interaction with your GCI teacher and classmates.

Getting started with online English classes 


When you book your GCI online course, you’ll receive your own GCI Online Student Guide explaining all about our lessons and top tips for getting started.

Log in

You will also receive a password for your GCI e-learning account. Once you log in, this GCI e-learning platform becomes your one-stop-shop for everything! 


You can access your live classes here, find extra practice options, get your homework and even join your online classmates & GCI teachers for free online social activities and workshops.

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Can I take online English lessons with GCI?

If you are looking for ways to improve your English this summer, our practical online English courses are for you!

GCI Online English courses are for all international students and professionals. Is that you? The online lessons and full support package are for perfect if you need need effective English for your studies, your job, your future travelling plans or simply to make conversation.

Learning English online with us will make you more proficient in everyday English situations and activities exactly the same way as a visit to our friendly and happy English school in Galway, Ireland.

Some of our course participants are international students or professionals who live in Ireland already and would like to further improve their English. You're welcome too!

Other students are learning English online from their home countries. This makes for an online class with an excellent mixed profile – if you are looking to practise your English in a truly international way- this is it! 

Time to choose your programme:

General English Evening Online

The online General English course is a group course designed to make you more proficient in everyday English situations and activities.

Cambridge Exam Preparation Evening Online 

Our online Cambridge Exam Preparation group classes will provide online and blended training to ensure that you maximise your Cambridge First and Cambridge Advanced exam results and help you achieve the best possible grade whatever your language level.

We run online courses for B2 First and C1 Advanced.

One-to-one Online

Private English lessons allow for a more tailored experience where you can focus on the English that matters to you, your career, your interests and your unique needs. If you have specific English needs or appreciate more individually-tailored English experiences this option is well worth investigating.

Benefits of online courses

Maybe you are hoping to come to us in Galway to make your English learning a part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Ireland. Yes, we know that’s a dream worth having. But right now, our English online lessons will help you become proficient in the key language areas you need to achieve your goals.    

Now you can access the expertise of an English school which has been teaching English for over 30 years from your laptop!      

All your GCI teachers are vastly experienced with a broad knowledge on Cambridge Exams, IELTS and the kind of effective English you’ll need for university, work, or international life in general.

Your GCI teacher delivers your structured study programme and also utilises our long-established and popular e-learning platform to provide extra support materials and self-study tasks. This type of learning is great for those who enjoy working as part of a group or those who also enjoy self-study time to focus on and repeat ideas.

Your lessons will:

You can opt for group classes or one-to one classes, both options provide online and blended training solutions designed to develop your English skills for real-life situations.

Why should I study English online with GCI?

Learn effective English online with GCI and experience the benefits of our unique delivery. Online English classes at GCI are not just an English course, they are an inclusive learning community where you can meet like-minded people and practise the language with new friends.

By attending GCI online English classes, you will develop new skills or improve on existing ones through the use of technology. In so doing, you will be ready for future opportunities in remote working or studying environments that will become more common in the future. Guided by our expert teachers, students learn together with collaborative tasks each lesson, supporting each other to succeed. 

GCI online English lessons offer daily collaboration & learner-to-learner interaction in addition to a structured syllabus. These lessons are combined with the self-directed learning options via the e-learning platform – in this way you are provided with the optimal conditions to study, activate, learn and reflect – with this combination you will see an increase in your learning and notable progress week by week.

A great time to develop basic English Skills

Nowadays the importance of communication is undeniable – English is the most commonly used language in the business world so it is very important that everyone at least has some working knowledge of it.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, and while ever there are restrictions to travel and normal life, you may have a little extra time that you can use to develop your skills.

Improve your English skills and it will be much easier to travel, to do well in your studies and get ahead at work. 

Perhaps you are ready to begin a new life at university – English is used widely in academic life and many courses have a basic English requirement or include some element of English assessment.

Take this opportunity to develop your English skills with a practical online English course - be future ready!    

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