First Certificate Cambridge Exam

First Certificate Cambridge Exam

FCE or B2 First is one of the most popular Cambridge examinations, acceptted by thousands of businesses and educational institutions worldwide.

This exam is the next logical step between a Preliminary Cambridge Certificate and an Advanced Cambridge Certificate and it is the ideal option for learners at an intermediate level. 

Reasons for choosing First Certificate Exam

As you develop and progress your English skills, it's only natural to want to prove your abilities by taking an international exam, especially if you are planning to further your education in English or enhance your career.

  • Accepted for entry to undergraduates studies or foundation/pathway/pre-sessional courses in English-speaking countries
  • Cambridge English Qualifications are provided by Cambridge Assessment English, part of the world-famous University of Cambridge. They are recognised by over 20,000 universities, employers and governments around the world.
  • Stand out from the crowd! A Cambridge qualification on your CV not only shows your level of mastering English but also demonstrates your dedication to improving your professional skills
  • All Cambridge English Qualifications are lifelong certificates. They don’t have an expiry date. If you pass the exam, you hold the qualification forever.