​Bank Accounts

Some students need to open an account for their visa

While you're studying English in Ireland at the Galway Cultural Institute, you might need to open up a bank account. For students who have passports outside of the EEA, this is absolutely essential for their visa process. We help long term students open student bank accounts with the AIB bank in Salthill, which is conveniently located within a short walking distance of the school.

We make the whole process very easy for you. The On your first week, we meet with you to explain the documents you need to open this account and we take you to a bank staff member who opens the account with you and explains the terms of the student account from start to finish. They will also explain how to use online banking and the AIB mobile app- which makes your banking accessible and easy to use.

The process usually takes no longer than 20-30 minutes and service is free of charge and students can use the bank account to order their proof of finances statement which is needed for registering for your GNIB/visa at the local Immigration office.

Setting up your bank account also helps if you are looking to start working while studying here. The documents you need to open the bank account are simple- a letter from the school, alongside a copy of your passport, a proof of address and finally, you need to fill out the bank Application form, which we help you with. When you leave Ireland, it is advisable to close your bank account.